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How I Can Help You

Onboarding support for a new paraplanner or CSA

Ready to hire a paraplanner and want support while you onboard and delegate? A first hire often fits into 1 of 2 broad tracks – the CSA path that focuses on client communication and custodial paperwork or the paraplanner track that focuses on preparing plans and drafting client deliverables. Through discussions and reviewing your existing systems, Big Red Abacus prepares customized deliverables to support common CSA and paraplanner tasks.

White-labeled equity comp reports

Big Red Abacus prepares white-labeled equity comp reports that you can use to drive the conversation forward with a client. These streamlined reports provide both high-level and detailed summaries of grants and different strategies for RSU, ISO, and NQSO. Working with Big Red Abacus is a collaborative process so that you are ready to present equity comp strategies and tax scenarios to your clients.

Specialized coaching for your staff

Want to get more out of your software? Big Red Abacus supports customized, hands-on coaching for CRM and planning software as part of the overall financial planning process.

Short-term support for parental or medical leave

Big Red Abacus can help behind the scenes and in some client-facing roles, in consideration of IAR registration requirements..


Big Red Abacus, LLC is an RIA in Washington state and does business under the tradename Abacus Financial Planning. Katy Cook, Ph.D., has worked with a number of RIAs and developed tools and processes that support common financial planning needs across firms. She likes to dot the i’s, cross the t’s, and keep a CRM in tip-top shape.

Big Red Abacus’s services are typically a good fit for a firm in years 1-3 as it brings on the first paraplanner or CSA.


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